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.Tuesday, 9 September 2014@12:23 pm.

Oleander Towers
913 Toa Payoh Lor 1
#04-04 Tower 2
Singapore (319772)

Located directly opposite CHIJ-Toa Payoh.

Buses : 231, 59, 587

This is a pictorial walking direction from Toa Payoh MRT.

Upon exiting the MRT, turn right and
walk towards the OCBC bank (on your right).

You will come across an NTUC outlet (on your right).

A VCD/DVD rental shop is on your left.
Next you will approach another stretch of tunnel
with no shops at both sides.

Take the escalator up to the ground level.

You will see Toa Payoh Methodist Church infront of you.
Make a left to face a HDB block 154.

Walk through block 154.

Upon exiting block 154,
you can either take a right by following the sheltered walkway,

or just head towards the playground and
continue walking towards a multi-storey carpark.

You will pass block 153 on your right.

Beyond the trees, you will see Oleander Towers.

That is the backgate of my new home. You have to make your way to the front gate to get into the compound. Turn left at the backgate and follow the perimeter until you reach the front entrance.

Tell the security guard, if s/he stops you, my address and my name. After the guard post, walk straight along the car park to the entrance of the second tower.

Follow the instructions on the control panel to key in my unit number and wait there for me to let you in. Do put on your best behaviour in the compound.

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Saint Tutor offers English Language tuition for Primary and Secondary students.

Solo or group lessons are conducted at a convenient location near Kovan MRT.

An MOE-trained teacher for both primary and secondary school levels, he has taught in Singapore primary and secondary schools for 8 years and tutored students since 2001.

Schools Taught:
• Pei Chun Public School
• Bendemeer Secondary School
• St. Andrew’s Secondary School

Previous Roles in Sec Schools
• Team Leader (Level Co-ordinator) for Secondary 1 & 2 Express and Normal (Academic)
• English & Literature Co-ordinator
• Pioneer Form & Subject Teacher of SASS RK Adams Class (with specialised curriculum for top students)
• Caring Teacher Award winner

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Getting There (click)
for a 3-minute walking directions from Toa Payoh MRT.

How To Improve In English (click)
to understand how improvements in languages differ from other subjects.


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